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Marin County Mass Transit Accidents Lawyers

California Bus Accident Lawers

People place their unconditional trust in safe public transportation, therefore, California Law places a high duty of care on operators of public transportation. When accidents and injuries occur, passengers who were injured may be able to obtain payment for their expenses and damages.

At Marin Litigators, our lawyers seek compensation for victims of mass transit and other public transportation accidents. We have significant experience with claims against the public and private entities that operate transit systems. There are important deadlines that apply in these cases and advise people to contact an attorney as soon as possible to avoid missing filing deadlines.

Examples of Public Transit Cases
Transportation cases involve local and regional public transit such as:

  • Busses
  • Trains
  • Ferries
  • School busses
  • Airport shuttles

We handle injury cases involving other aspects of public entity liability, including claims against school districts for failure to provide student safety, dangerous or defective playground equipment, or other dangerous conditions. Our lawyers also undertake claims for people injured in privately operated transportation, including taxis and town car fleets.

Our lawyers have decades of experience investigating and litigating these types of accidents. We work with transportation experts and engineers to identify the at-fault party or parties. We review maintenance schedules and training documents to determine whether inadequate staff training or shoddy maintenance contributed to the accident.

We look into the specific circumstances of an accident to see whether the proper procedures were followed when loading and unloading passengers. We are persistent; this persistence often results in a favorable outcome for our injured clients who may be suffering head, neck and spine injuries or other catastrophic injuries.

To learn more, contact our Marin mass transit accidents attorneys for a free initial consultation. All personal injury claims are handled on a contingent fee basis, so you are only charged attorney fees if we recover compensation for you to cover your losses.