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Results, Settlements and Jury Verdicts

Sample of cases and settlements we have achieved for our Marin County personal injury clients.

Our attorneys have extensive representing clients injured or killed as a result of car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian accidents, defective products, construction sites, dangerous conditions of property, elder and nursing home abuse, molestation and sexual abuse. Examples of our success include:

Accident Injury Settlements

$105,000 for a man who fell on a defective step at a batting cage.

$105,000 for a man who was injured by falling on a broken sidewalk.

$270,000 for woman exposed to radiation.

$45,000 for a slip and fall.

$17,500 for women injured on bus after driver slammed on brakes.

$12,000 for woman who stepped into an uncovered water meter hole in Sonoma County.

Auto & Traffic Accident Settlements

$4.1 million dollar recovery for a woman who was paralyzed and suffered brain damage in an automobile accident in a foreign county.

$290,000 for driver of car rear ended on freeway resulting in neck surgery in Petaluma, California.

$84,000 injuries after being rear ended by a tow truck.

$50,000 for driver hit at intersection in Richmond, California.

$46,000 for hip injury related to Sonoma County auto accident.

$42,500 for an injured arm related to a car accident.

$33,600 for passenger that injured hip after hitting a tree.

$28,500 for passenger that injured shoulder in auto accident near Oregon/California border.

$15,000 for minor injured in auto accident in Napa, California.

Bicycle & Motorcycle Accident Settlements

$3.4 million dollar jury verdict in a product liability case for an athlete who suffered brain damage in a mountain bicycle crash on Mt. Tamalpais.

$300,000 policy limit settlement for bicyclist run over in a major intersection in San Francisco where police report stated that the bicyclist was at fault.

$100,000 for a motorcyclist hit in an intersection.

$27,000 for bicyclist that broke collar bone after hitting a defective area in bike lane caused by tree roots against city and owner of building.

$23,500 for back injury related to a side swipe accident in Contra Costa County.

$24,000 for woman hit while riding a scooter in Solano County, California.

Dog Bite and Animal Injury Settlements

$86,500 settlement for dog attack that left puncture wounds on the hand.

$100,000 policy limits for woman bit by dog in Marin County, California.

$15,000 for dog bite to arm in Marin County.