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Client Testimonials About The Law Office of Andrew Rhine

Andrew prides himself on providing personal attention yet getting the results you would expect from a big firm. His clients agree that he accomplishes this feat, and are pleased with his results.

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Thorough Representation

“Andrew Rhine was instrumental in saving my life by knowing exactly what to do when my husband called him. I was in Calcutta, India when I was thrown out of a rented car onto the side of a highway 50 miles outside the city and then placed in a clinic with no medical care. I was paralyzed, severely bleeding and had a brain injury. Mr. Rhine immediately contacted the U.S. Embassy in Calcutta, located my whereabouts and had me transported to a hospital in Calcutta. The doctors in San Francisco said I might not survive unless I was brought back to the United States. Mr. Rhine then arranged a medical evacuation flight for me to get home and have the surgeries and treatment I required. He then pursued an uninsured motorist claim against my insurance company and was able to establish that my accident was covered under my insurance policy. As an example of how thorough he was, Mr. Rhine traveled to Calcutta India to interview witnesses and take depositions. The settlement he obtained for me was extremely satisfactory and has enabled me to have the continuous care I need. Based upon my experience with Mr. Rhine, with great confidence I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a personal injury attorney.”

– C. G.

Results-Oriented Representation

“I was riding my bicycle through one of the busiest intersections in San Francisco when I was hit from behind and dragged underneath the wheels of a car. I suffered severe fractures to the bones in my face and neck. I was hospitalized for over a week and my jaw was wired shut for six weeks. The police report said the accident was my fault and the first attorney I hired was not helping me. I fired the first attorney and hired Mr. Rhine. He took witness statements, depositions, and hired an engineer to reconstruct the accident (which included a video simulating how the accident happened), proving that the driver was at fault. The insurance company representing the driver of the vehicle paid the full amount of the driver’s policy to me.”

– E.A.

Vigorous Representation

“I am the former President and CEO of a non profit corporation in Silicon Valley. My son was seriously injured in a high speed rollover automobile accident. Mr. Rhine was highly recommended to me by an attorney at a large law firm. His representation of my son’s personal injury claim was outstanding. He pursued the case vigorously, was totally professional and always kept us promptly informed of the developments of the claim. I was so impressed with Mr. Rhine’s handling of my son’s personal injury claim, that my corporation subsequently hired him to represent us in a business dispute that he handled to our complete satisfaction. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has an accident claim or with other issues that need assistance from an attorney.”

– Frank K.

Aggressive Representation

“My family and I needed an aggressive attorney to fight for our rights concerning a real property dispute. The other party had hired an attorney who demanded money from us. I hired Andy Rhine who very promptly dealt with the matter. In the end, the other party ended up paying us for damages thanks to his hard work. It was such a load off our minds. I would highly recommend Mr. Rhine.”

– Brenda R.